Philly and all its Glory (and history)

This past weekend consisted of adventuring through an old city on the east coast of the US with my fabulous girlfriend. She some how has been dealing with me for three hundred and sixty five days, so to celebrate this we decided that leaving the island would be a good plan. We only got to get away for essentially one day but the drive was more than worth it. 

We were trying to choose between Boston and Philadelphia; both being cities we have never been to. We chose the latter and were glad we did. AirBnB showed us some great places but a small house named the Den of Antiquity caught our eye. Constructed in the 1840s, the den was renovated within the past few years to create a modern yet timely abode which was something that differed from the apartments and private rooms from central Philly.

We wanted to be in the city but not in the city. 

The den was a short fifteen minutes from the city center and at night, the drive through the small neighborhood and to the wilderness (it was only a four minute drive to the expressway) made it seem we had our own little getaway. 

If you're looking to go to Philadelphia anytime soon, AirBnB it and search for the Den of Antiquity. Seriously. 

So Philadelphia is actually a pretty rad city. It has all the necessary ingredients (congestion, street vendors, and no parking on any side streets) to be a real city. It's sort of like the five boroughs yet minimized to take up a few square miles.

I love manhattan, however going to a city that has some real American history is pretty great. I mean Philly has the Liberty Bell and the Rocky Steps. Yes, the real Rocky Steps.

We visited the Eastern State Penitentiary, a custom artist created mosaic walk through, and some houses that looked like they were from the early 1790s. 

The drive was about three hours and not bad at all considering we didn't hit any traffic anywhere.

Philly 9/10 (would go again)

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