Hamptons Brine + KickStarter

Hamptons Brine, a Long Island based artisanal sauerkraut and kvass maker that I have had the pleasure to work with, is currently running a KickStarter campaign!

Currently, they're a small operation based on the East End of Long Island but within in the next few months they are planning to expand their reach further west to Queens and maybe even Manhattan. Since they're going to be transporting "live" products, they need to purchase a refrigerated transit van.

And this is where the fans and customers come to the rescue!

They're three days into the campaign and have raised $3k so far from donations that have poured in from all over the country. There's still $9k more to go and with 25 more days left in the campaign, i'm sure it'll be a success. 

Be sure to check out the KickStarter campaign here.

And they're main website here.

Alex MarcanoComment