Salem: a birthday adventure

Traveling is probably my favorite thing to do. Well, it would probably be taking pictures, then traveling, and then eating (of course) but traveling still makes top three. Working the 40 hour work week makes weekends the perfect, and only, time for a getaway.

This past year I was lucky enough to fall into my first "grown-up" job which has afforded me the luxury of traveling to places I've never been. Although they have all been at max a five hour drive away, all of these trips have been fantastic. Air BnB has become my best friend and finding new places to stay is probably the coolest thing ever.  

For my birthday, I decided to head up to Salem with my girlfriend for a four day weekend getaway. It was after the Halloween madness so things were back to their normal routine, which I loved. With a quaint AirBnB in Marblehead, the city center of Salem was only a ten minute drive. 

The day's flew by as they always do when you're on vacation but I loved every minute. The weather was crisp but not too cold and nothing was never further than a 15 minute walk. 

If you're ever looking at a new place to visit, check out Salem, Massachusetts, the witch capital of the US.  

Alex MarcanoComment