Kirstin: portrait session south of houston

Photography has been a huge part of my life since i first purchased a DSLR back in 2012. Expressing yourself through words is amazing but to be able to express yourself and tell a story with no words at all is something entirely different. 

I've also met a ton of new people through photography and it's been such an awesome thing. Networking is fantastic and to really think that someone on the other side of the country, or the world, or even your own town, is liking a photograph that you took is mind blowing.

Anyway, back to this post! I met up with Kirstin in NYC to shoot some pictures before she headed back to school in California. The weather was horrible but with her schedule and new television series beginning, she had no idea when she would be back on the east coast. I bit the bullet and said lets do it and crossed my fingers that the rain would hold off long enough for us to get some shots. Thankfully it did. Thank you, Mother Nature.  

Capture by Alex || Long Island Wedding Photographer

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