Fuji X100 // i've had it for a week and i like it. a lot.

Since I first picked up my 5dmkii, it has been my do-all camera. 

It's been to every park on Long Island, a ton of beaches, dropped down my driveway more times than Canon could possibly advise, out to trails in the rain and through more abandoned buildings than I can count. However, every time it's come out of the bag for leisure I would hold my breath and hope that nothing catastrophic would happen.

Because that would be bad.

Real bad. 

BUT all is well because as a birthday gift to myself, i picked up a fuji X100. Not the S or T because I couldn't come to a logical reason to spend $200 or $600 more (i actually couldn't afford either) but the original one that came out back in 2011. 

So far, I love it. It's compact, takes awesome pictures and has an AF system that seems to work really well in all situations.

However, there are some things that take getting used to. AF on close objects only works when the camera is in macro mode and don't bother with manual AF, it sucks. You must use the electronic view finder for MF because unlike the S, it doesn't have a split screen VF. Of course, it doesn't kill the whole experience of the camera BUT it is something that takes some time to get used to. 

If you have a few dollars laying around (like $600) and are interested in getting a walk around camera, the the fuji X100 is an awesome choice. It's also pretty cool looking. 


Here's a shot taken with the camera aiming directly at the sun.

Alex MarcanoComment