iPhone 11 Pro Max || a really good phone with a really bad name

For the last few iPhone releases, I have been holding out for the full two year release cycle. Not only does it save some money since know service providers lease phones, it just seems like a much better idea to hold out a little.

This same idea helped me wait for the iPhone 11. I bought the X (or ten) around its release. I told myself I’d wait a little but those marketing billboards in the city helped change my mind. I remember visiting three apple stores in NYC asking if they had the iPhone X in stock with no success.

Then it happened. Best Buy had one in stock and I went to pick it up. After a long, strenuous journey with ATT customer support, I left the store with my shiny new iPhone with my 7 Plus being left behind to help cover the costs.

I told myself i’d do the same this year but that’s not exactly what happened. Pre-order times were pushed to 8am which is the exact time i’m online getting some personal work in before I head to my 9-5 and seemed like the perfect upgrade for my now aging iPhone X. I know, it’s not that old at all but I just needed to tell myself something. The preorder went through without a hitch and I might have accidentally added in the new watch series 5 as well just to make sure I was spending as much money as possible.

A week later and I had the new forest green, triple camera, surfboard in my hands. A jump from the X, the Pro MAX is a tad bit larger. Still one hand-able but it shows. Half the phone hides behind my steering wheel on the car mount and it doesn’t exactly fit perfectly inside my cup holders without triggering an SOS or calling the police. Other than that, it’s pretty close to perfect. I have a charger at work but I used the dang thing for two days straight and still had around 28% when I got home. We’re talking about mildly heavy use of instagram and mail but still. It’s really damn good.

And the camera. Oh that camera.

Or cameras*

They’re really good. They do glare a lot more than the X and it might have to do with something regarding the distance of sensor or maybe they skipped on coating the lens but on some shots there is a noticeable glare from light sources. Not too terrible when you factor in the idea that this can put Google’s NightSight to shame. I picked up a Pixel 3A to use as a work phone and i’ve been blown away by the camera. A single lens that captures great nighttime images but coming from an S10+ which helped me take amazing photos in Wyoming, it felt like it was missing something without a dedicated zoom or wide angle.


But the iPhone fills that gap. An automatic long exposure kicks in without having to swipe to NightSight. You can choose to skip it and dark your dark imagine but if you don’t, you' will be surprised by the results. Are they perfect? No, not quite but compare it to the X or even the XS and you will be impressed.

Is it worth the upgrade from the X? I think so. From an XS? Probably not.

Alex MarcanoComment