The Owl Moon Cottage and Other Adventures From Ithaca

I live for weekend getaways.

They're like full vacations but you don't really have to worry about how much PTO you have or if you're going to be missing a meeting. 

Ithaca is around five hours from us and definitely worth the 300 minute drive North. For this stay (and every other weekend vacation) we used AirBnB which is like staying in a hotel but around 100x better. Our choice was The Owl Moon Cottage and we probably could not have picked a better place to stay. Location was great being fifteen minutes from the center of Ithaca and around 400 feet from Robert Treman State Park (pictured below). We got lucky with the weather with a small wintery mix on Saturday and then clear days on Sunday and Monday.

My Mavic wasn't having such a good time in the snow and I will admit I did completely lose connection once or twice (it was four times) but hey, if you're not going to fly your drone into a gorge, are you really living? 

If you're heading to upstate New York, definitely stop by Treman State Park and Taughannock Falls and if you're staying overnight, stay at The Owl Moon Cottage

Huge thanks to Joanna + Art for being our gracious hosts for the weekend! 

Rachael and Aaron / Engagement

Aaron and I have been long time friends; from playing orchestral concerts on windy beaches in Greece (thankful for the clips that held our music in place) to full symphonic concerts in Seoul. 

When his fiancé, Rachael, messaged me about photographing their engagement I had to accept.  

The weather held up due to our many, many pleads to mother nature. Thanks to the weather forecast, not too many people decided to head to the park which made for a perfect backdrop. 

Rachael and Aaron, thanks again for choosing me to photograph your engagement and I look forward to photographing your wedding in 2017! 

North Shore Walks

Sitting down for 40+ hours a week makes me enjoy standing or walking or doing anything other than sit at a computer even more. 

Last weekend we took a trip (after an opthomologist appointment so I had these sick shades on) to a local north shore beach. Kings Park, which is pretty popular for its abandoned psychiatric facility buildings that allows for some amazing Long Island views, is about a minute drive from the beach.  

Gorgeous weather made for a nice two mile walk. If you're ever on the north shore, be sure to check out Kings Park Bluffs.  


From the East End to across the Hudson w/Cherish and Bestow

Regina Mariano is the owner of Cherish and Bestow, an East coast based interior design company that takes a modernistic approach yet keeps the simplistic elegance of classic design. I had  the opportunity of visiting their two homes, one located in the Hamptons and the other, across the Hudson, in Jersey City. Both locations are stunning with their own charming personality. Be sure to check out Cherish and Bestow here

Kirstin: south of houston

Photography has been a huge part of my life since i first purchased a DSLR back in 2012. Expressing yourself through words is amazing but to be able to express yourself and tell a story with no words at all is something entirely different. 

I've also met a ton of new people through photography and it's been such an awesome thing. Networking is fantastic and to really think that someone on the other side of the country, or the world, or even your own town, is liking a photograph that you took is mind blowing.

Anyway, back to this post! I met up with Kirstin in NYC to shoot some pictures before she headed back to school in California. The weather was horrible but with her schedule and new television series beginning, she had no idea when she would be back on the east coast. I bit the bullet and said lets do it and crossed my fingers that the rain would hold off long enough for us to get some shots. Thankfully it did. Thank you, Mother Nature.